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Some antibiotics are available in different forms, including topical gels, IV injections and

suppositories as well as oral form (tablets, capsules, solutions, extended release etc)

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Antibiotics A

Amoxil | Amoxicillin | Amoxycillin

Ampicillin | Augmentin | Avelox | Azithromycin

Antibiotics B

Bactrim | Bactrim DS | Bactroban | Benzamycin | Biaxin | Biaxin XL

Antibiotics C

Ceclor | Cefaclor | Cefadroxil | Cefixime | Cefdinir | Ceftin | Ceftum | Cefuroxime

Cephalexin | Cifran | Cilicaine VK | Cipmox | Cloxacillin | Cipro | Ciprofloxacin

Chloromycetin | Chloramphenicol | Clarithromycin | Cleocin T | Clindamycin | Cynomycin

Clavamox | Clavet

Antibiotics D-K

Dalacin | Distaclor | Doxycycline | Duricef | E-Mycin

Erythromycin | Flagyl | Floxin | Keflex

Antibiotics L-O

Largopen | Levaquin | Levofloxacin | Linezolid | Lomefloxacin | Linocin | Lucipro

Macrobid | Macrodantin | Metronidazole | MetroGel

Minocin | Minomycin | Minocycline | Mycobutin | Nitrofurantoin

Norflox | Norfloxacin | Noroxin | Ofloxacin | Ornidazole

Antibiotics P-Z

Paraxin | Penicillin | Phexin | Rifampin

Septra | Sumycin | Suprax | Synermox | Tarivid | Tavanic | Trimox

Terramycin | Tetracycline | Tindamax | Tinidazole | Tetradox | Trichozole

Tobrex | Tobradex | Tobramycin | Vibramycin | Zithromax

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β-Lactam Penicillins
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Antibiotics Side Effects
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